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Upcoming DTS School

DTS - Discipleship Training School

   Discipleship Training School The next School 15 January 2019 ! Outreach to Argentina


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School of Strategic Missions

School of Strategic Missions: The next School 15 January 2019 ! Outreach to Ethiopia


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In the left upper part of the website, you will see a British and Spanish flag. Click on the appropriate flag to see that language version of the website.

Read from the YWAM FAQs and Related Links at the Homepage.

Look up the UPCOMING EVENTS button and it will direct you to that page. If what you are looking for is not there, go to CONTACT US and we will get back to you.

Look at the FINANCIAL POLICY button and read through the content. It is a sub-menu under HOME. If you need more help, email us by going to CONTACT US button.

So that we can be of better assistance to you, PLEASE-

1. Sign up on the SUBSCRIBE box and we get back to you.

2. Contact Us and we reply to your specific queries. 

3. Give us a call. Get the numbers on the Contact Us page.

4. Visit our YWAM Bethlehem facebook page and you can send your private message.

5. If you are in the Bethlehem area, come and visit us. 

DTS - Discipleship Training School

ELS - English Language School

FM - Frontier Missions

SOFM -School of Frontier Missions

SOSM - School of Strategic Missions

UofN - University of the Nations

YWAM - Youth With A Mission




1. Almost in every page as you scroll down  is a purple color that reads: Apply Online, Download Student Application, Download Staff Application, Download Volunteer Appliation. Choose which is easy and applicable for you.

2. The Apply Online button is also found in Schools Menu. Click, fill up the boxes and submit! 

3. Click on the Contact Us button, if you want to email us. 

First, you know you are a child of God and has a personal relationship with Jesus. If you are not sure, take the risk to fill up the application forms and we pray about it.

2. DTS is a pre-requisite to qualify as staff or missionary with YWAM (see from FAQs about DTS).

3. It is recommended that you have the blessing of your family, church or a care group to commit as your prayer partners and financial supporters.

4. You must be at least 18 years old and older to be accepted. What is important is you are convinced that God is leading you to join us.

Physical Address: Farm Heelbo, Kestell Road T5038, Bethlehem 9701, Free State, South Africa.

The YWAM base is sandwiched by Lavender Hill and Petronella Guest House and 1.5km away from Dhlabeng Mall. From Johannesburg (closest airport), it is around 3.5hrs drive by private car.

Why YWAM Bethlehem?

1. Bethlehem is an abode mainly by the Afrikaans and the Sothos and getting to know South African culture and establishing relationships with them is an open door. The minority of immigrants (e.g. Chinese, Hindus, Muslims, other Africans) in town are very approachable which makes friendship evangelism a key ministry.

2. The living standard in Bethlehem and the rest of Free State in South Africa is very affordable and would suit your economical budget. There are friends of YWAM Bethlehem who often give us food donations and surprise treats which allow us to keep our fees lower. 

3. The YWAM Bethlehem base though situated in a farm is very accessible to town where you can go malling, shopping and visit banks and post office. Surrounding towns in the Free State can easily be reached by taxis or by private cars to enjoy nature and recreational activities.

4.We are a family-oriented base and even singles can feel secure in our environment. We have a huge property and we keep improving our facilities. There is no congestion in the base and the environment is very conducive to meeting God.

5. A lot of opportunities for hands-on ministry, room for growth as a leader in the base and you get all the time to dream for God and make your dreams come true while you are with us.

6. Many of our students/staff come from disadvantaged communities and living together with an international family is a great experience of cross-cultural life and growing in God-centered inter-personal relationships.

7. Living by faith and experiencing financial miracles while doing schools and outreaches is our best trademark. 

Why not YWAM Bethlehem?

1. It depends what you are looking for in life and the kind of future you want to pursue. But have you told us about it?

2.Maybe you heard some reports about us that discourage you and you choose to believe. But have you asked our side of the story?

3. You don't like to be part of a small base or live in a small town in South Africa. But have you thought about how easy it is to visit the bigger cities and tourist spots, if you can afford it?

4. Your situation and circumstances is keeping you from joining us. But have you communicated with us about it and see how we can help you?

5. You have no idea what you are missing out! Stay connected!


You can choose to bring your supplies/stuff but pack wisely to avoid excess weight and penalty. You can buy most of the stuff here and maybe even cheaper.

>Bible and school supplies

>Big flag of your country for intercession and exhibits

>Beddings and pillow

>Sleeping bag for outreaches 

>Toiletries and your favorite brand of grooming supplies

>Clothes: for Summer or Winter. Check the months you are coming

>Nice clothes for Church and special events. Don't feel left out!

>Traditional clothes and accessories for cultural events. This is important!

>Working clothes: you will get real dirty!

>Photos of you when you were a baby or small child

>Photos of your family and home to share in class

>Musical instrument, if any, so you can involve in praise and worship

>Your cds and dvds and books to entertain you and others

>Your handy electronic gadgets packed in your hand-carry bag 

>International adaptor for your phone and gadgets

>Lightweight tools for your hobbies. E.g. scissors for hair, etc

>Your medication and prescriptions. Bring enough supply

>Specialty snacks and condiments you may want to share 

>Souveneir items from your country as appreciation gifts wherever you go 

>Other light personal items for your use


>keep your passport and important documents in your hand-carry bag



You can choose under 3 categories: Training, Mercy and Evangelism. Under Training- school staff and school leader. Under Mercy- All forms of hands-on ministries that keeps you going to show love and compassion to the people. Under Evangelism- sharing the gospel everywhere. For more details, go to the website and find the Opportunities button.   

We have categorized pricing and it varies according to your citizenship. All the details are found at the FINANCIAL POLICY button on the website. It applies whether you are applying as a Student, Staff, Volunteer, Outreach Team and whether you are coming with your family and guests. For any clarification or negotiation, email us:

It is safe to budget more or less $100. It is pay-as-you-go and you are under control of your money. From that budget, you can also buy yourself a meal during the trip. Please be kind to your car driver by sharing him food and paying toll fees. 

If you are an outreach team, budget more or less $300 from airport to the base. 

1. If you are overseas, you can deposit it into a bank or do a wire transfer. Email us to get details.

2. You can pay us in US dollars but if it is another currency, get them changed at the airport. 

3. If you are in South Africa, you can either pay us in cash or deposit into a bank. Email us to get details.

1. Yes, it works for many. Just make sure that your bank has access to international ATMs. if needed, advise your bank of overseas travel so they don't block your card once you are out of the country.

2. it is possible that your ATM might work in the city. If not, make your transactions in advance from South Africa and convert them into the needed currency.


Our houses and buildings have code names. Single Ladies live in the Egypt dormitory. Single Men live in men's quarters. No single room occupancy but shared rooms and shared bathrooms. Families with have their own units. Students, volunteers and outreach teams eat together in the dining hall. 

We have international and local outreaches locations.

Local outreaches: anywhere in South Africa and depends on the school leaders/staff. Usually, we do it in the Free State so that we can maintain relationships with the host churches/groups.

International outreaches: we are Afro-Latin base so mostly Africa and South America, but especially Uganda because of our ministry partnership. And depends on the outcome of the school leaders/staff guidance, it will be anywhere in the world.

Check with and it will advise you whether you need a visa or not. It asks which country your are traveling to and your citizenship You need to locate the nearest embassy in your country of residence to get all the visa information and requirements.

Our training programs give the student/staff opportunity for overseas outreaches. And a passport is required to travel outside your counry. You can apply at the Home Affairs closest to you. You need to bring your South African ID and photos. The Home Affairs will tell you how much you need to pay. Make sure you give enough time to apply so that you don't miss out on the outreach.

Please don't apply for a visa until your application forms are in order and that we have  sent you a Letter of Acceptance and visa documents you need to submit.Give at least 3 months minimum to work out your visa.

Some driver's licenses have permission to drive in South Africa. Check online about your status. Best option is to get hold of an international driver's license from your country and give yourself plenty of time before your flight. Another option is you can authenticate your license at your embassy in South Africa but this would mean an extra trip and expenses from Bethlehem to Pretoria.


1. Private car/van pick-up - email us and we arrange for you

2. Intercape Bus - from airport to Harrismith (3hrs approx). We pick you up from there (approx 1hr)

 Note: All transportation expenses is your financial responsibility and is not included in your fees. 

Depends on your country of origin and the length of your stay, a return ticket usually ranges from $500-$2000 (US dollars). Hook with your local travel agent to find the actual cost and your carrier. You can also search online and compare the prices offered by the competing airlines. You can pay in cash or with your debit/credit card.

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