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"Freedom & Fire" Healing and evangelistic campaign

11-14 October 2018 Open air and praing for the sick

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Upcoming DTS School

DTS - Discipleship Training School

   Discipleship Training School The next School 15 January 2019 ! Outreach to Argentina


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Upcoming SOSM School


School of Strategic Missions

School of Strategic Missions: The next School 15 January 2019 ! Outreach to Ethiopia


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Financial Policy

YOUTH WITH A MISSION is an international, non-profit, faith ministry and is not underwritten by any group, church or denomination. Our financial policy is we trust God for our finances and that we are responsible to pay for our fees to YWAM Bethlehem according to our applicable rates. Generosity is encouraged to help those in need, if you are more than capable of raising funds.      

Registration fees accompanying the Application forms (for everyone):

1. All South African residents and citizens from within shall pay R200.
2. All applicants applying from abroad shall pay US$40 each, and  US$60 for couples.
*Application will not be processed until registration fees are paid.
*Please confirm with the REGISTRAR how to send this money. Inserting bills by postal mail is strongly not advised.

School Fees (3 months Lecture Phase):

Food, lodging and tuition for the first 3 months of intensive training costs as follows (based on the per capita income of the nation in which the student has citizenship):

Category A: First World Nations, e.g. N/America, S/Korea, European Union, Australia, Malaysia and Japan will pay $1500 (One thousand five hundred US Dollars)

Category B: Second World Nations e.g. South Africa, Russia, Nigeria, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, etc. will pay $1200 (One thousand two hundred US Dollars)                           

Category C: Third World Nations e.g. India, Malawi, Kenya, Cameroon, Ghana and disadvantaged South Africans will pay $850 (eight hundred and fifty US Dollars)

Costs for Family Members/Guests Accompanying Student:

Spouse, nanny or student's guests 13 years and older, who are not doing school will only pay for accomodation and food (includes laundry and internet). Accomodation is according to categories for the duration of the classroom phase which is between 10-12 weeks.

Category A : $600

Category B : $500

Category C : $400

*Children below 2 years old are free-of-charge

Children from 2-12 years old:
(50% discount for accomodation but full payment for food)

Category A : $450

Category B : $375

Category C : $300

Costs Of Outreaches:

The costs are separate from the lecture phase and will differ depending on where the outreach will be. Please budget a minimum of US$2000 to cover flight tickets, visas and transportation expenses for overseas location. Food, accomodation and ministry expenses is another budget and we are flexible with the amount. Outreach fees paid to schools does not cover your personal needs.YWAM is very strict with travel insurance and medical coverage for all staff/students going for outreaches. This is your own look-out and signed waiver is required before departure.


Method of Payment:

The ruling Rand equivalent of the US$ posted on the first day of the school (Standard Bank rate) shall be the amount payable in cash to YWAM Bethlehem. Please email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Marlien Godoy) for advise on how to deposit your payments.

We view the higher fees paid by students from more advantaged communities as their contribution to the process of empowering others who are less fortunate. We also find that most of the students find the spiritual enrichment they receive during their studies, is far more worth than money can ever pay for. Such generosity is always a welcome return to our founding values. Furthermore, we deeply appreciate the participation of students who feel the way we do about helping the needy. 

For Guests, Volunteers and Teams:

Covers food, accomodation (plus laundry and internet). Local transport will be own responsibility.

For 13 years and older:

Category A : $15/day or $450/month

Category B : $12/day or $360/month

Category C : $10/day or $300/month

For kids 2-12 years old:

Category A : $11.25/day or $337.50/month

Category B : $  9.00/day or $270.00/month    

Category C : $  7.50/day or $225.00/month

NOTE: ALL PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE! (We are currently reviewing and updating our rates, so please bear with us)

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